Visualization and Hypnosis


Time Line Visualization and Hypnosis

TLV can influence memories in a way that makes it possible to be rid of the past negative emotions and limiting beliefs resulting in tremendous burdens and grim future consequences.

Without such negative emotions, the result would be a happier, more successful and more balanced life, yes?

Here are just a few of the many changes TLV can bring…

Develop a new way of looking at your mind and life in general…
Rearrange key unconscious resources to achieve a better life…
Influence and encourage your unconscious mind to change negative thoughts…
Eliminate obstacles in your life…
Eliminate fears quickly and easily…

Utilizing the power of the TLV tool my clients have experienced a tremendous amount of positive change in all areas of life to include;

• Career and Business
• Health and Fitness
• Family and Relationships
• Personal Growth and Development
• Spirituality

Using Hypnotic phrases and inductions the client is in a completely relaxed state while the unconscious mind processes change in emotion, now able to think of negative events without experiencing all the negative emotions previously attached to it.

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